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According to the settlement agreement, both sides have waived rights to partner support -- and agree to a clean division of property ... takes what's hers (earnings, bank accounts, car, houses), Jamie takes what's hers (not that much).

Until her 1992 album 'Ingenue', kd lang was a cheeky cowgirl who upset old-school Nashville with her disrespectful ways.

According to the docs, the couple registered for a domestic partnership in 2009 -- and separated 1 year and 9 months later ... The pair hooked up in 2003 after meeting through a Buddhist teacher. a domestic partnership creates community property rights in a relationship, along with spousal support.

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Also going down well with the experts from throughout the world was the line-up of accompanying events at K 2016.

'It was their sex cabin,' lang says boldly, and then laughs, sounding a little abashed at her own boldness.

'It's got that vibe.'These days, the vibe has added up a few new tones - earthier, more au naturel, a little more Buddha-friendly and green-tea-drinking, a little less in-the-closet, a little more que sera sera.

lang is BACK ON THE MARKET -- TMZ has learned, her domestic partnership has officially been dissolved.

The couple met back in 2003 through a Buddhist teacher -- and registered for a domestic partnership in 2009.