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Stockholm was also named European Capital of Culture in 1998.With over 100 museums, Stockholm has one of the highest number of museums of any other world city.Estonia has nearly 1,500 islands and islets, and its boulder-strewn coastline is hauntingly wild; Latvia's natural assets include the white-sand, pine-fringed beaches of the "Baltic Riviera"; and optimistic treasure-hunters still comb the coast of lake-filled Lithuania in search of glowing chunks of amber.Tourism is big business for the Balts, and most are pretty forgiving about the odd bit of Western ignorance or naivety.There are a combined 15 sailings available per week on the Stockholm Helsinki crossing between Sweden and Finland and with 3 ferry companies on offer it is advisable to compare all to make sure you get the best fare at the time that you want to travel.

During the 19th century, the grind of Tsarist oppression inspired a powerful cultural awakening in native Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians, paving the way for the three countries to declare their independence in the turmoil after the First World War.Most Indo-Europeanists classify Baltic and Slavic languages into a single branch, even though some details of the nature of their relationship remain in dispute A Proto-Balto-Slavic language is reconstructable by the comparative method, descending from Proto-Indo-European by means of well-defined sound laws, and out of which modern Slavic and Baltic languages descended.One particularly innovative dialect separated from the Balto-Slavic dialect continuum and became ancestral to the Proto-Slavic language, from which all Slavic languages descended.Largely forgotten by the world, Soviet-occupied Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania hit the headlines in the late 1980s with a near-bloodless (hence "Singing") revolution that led to the restoration of their independence in 1991.Since giving Communism the boot, this energetic trio have seen their economic fortunes soar, with all three countries set fair for admission to the European Union in the next few years. Wedged between the Russia and the Baltic Sea, with Russia's annexe ­ Kaliningrad ­ acting as a bookend for Lithuania. Running from Estonia in the north to Lithuania in the south, these flat, thickly forested lands are unspoilt, rural and sparsely populated, but all three have buzzing, historic capitals, folkloric traditions that have survived centuries of foreign oppression, and customs and cuisines shaped by a peculiar mix of German, Russian and, in Lithuania, Polish influence.There are a couple of unbreakable rules, however: whatever you do, don't call the Balts Slavs, and don't get the Baltic Republics confused with the Balkans. Because it's geographically convenient; because all three established themselves as modern, democratic nations in the interwar period, and emerged from the Soviet yoke at roughly the same time; and because that's what Moscow did when it forcibly annexed them during the Second World War.